Tips For Giving Your Dog CBD Treats

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Tips For Giving Your Dog CBD Treats

26 January 2023
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CBD is becoming quite popular lately, and not just for people. More and more pet owners are buying CBD products to give to their dogs. One of the easiest ways to give your dog CBD is in the form of CBD dog treats. These treats tend to be tasty and appealing to dogs, so you don't have to sneak them into your dog's diet like you do liquid CBD. Plus, they are individually portioned and dosed with a pre-measured, specific amount of CBD. If this will be your first time giving your dog CBD dog treats, though, you will benefit from a few tips.

Start with half a treat

Some dogs are more sensitive to CBD than others. Dog treats are usually dosed with a moderate amount of CBD that will work well for most dogs, but your dog may, in fact, need less of it. So, it's a good idea to start with just half a CBD dog treat. If your dog responds as desired, then you know you only have to give them half a treat at a time. This can save you money and help your treats last longer. If your dog does not get the desired effects from half a treat, then you can increase the dose to a whole treat — and rest assured that it really is necessary.

Check the ingredients list first

If your dog has any allergies or food sensitivities, check the ingredients list on the CBD dog treats before you give any of them to your dog. Many CBD dog treat companies try to keep their ingredient lists short to minimize the potential for exposure to allergens. If you see an ingredient your dog can't have on one treat brand, look for a different brand of treats that is free from that ingredient.

Give the treats well in advance of when you "need" them to work

CBD can take an hour or so to kick in when ingested. So, you want to be sure to give your dog the CBD treat before they really need it to work. After you give your dog the treats a few times, you'll get a sense of how long they take to work and how early you have to give them.

With the tips above, both you and your pup can have better experiences with CBD treats. To learn more about CBD treats for dogs, reach out to a retailer.