Factors In Choosing Bedding For Your Super-Sized Dog

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Factors In Choosing Bedding For Your Super-Sized Dog

11 March 2020
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It stands to reason that your super-sized dog might require an equally super-sized bed. Large breeds such as Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Great Danes can challenge any kind of furnishings, including bedding. Here are some things you need to think about as you shop for big dog beds in your area:


Your dog might be even bigger than you realize -- at least when he lies down. Some large breeds have long legs and/or necks as well as stout bodies, meaning that they can sprawl out across a jaw-dropping amount of space.

To figure out just how much bedding your dog needs, wait until he lies down and then measure his body's total height and length. You'll want to add at least eight inches in both directions to calculate bedding dimensions with plenty of wiggle room.

Keep in mind that if your large dog is currently a large puppy, you can easily make the mistake of purchasing a bed that your pet will quickly outgrow. If you don't want to go through several dog beds during this period, find out the average dimensions of an adult of his species and simply buy an adult-sized bed from the beginning.


Big dogs have big, prominent bones, so they appreciate a bed that offers sufficient padding to keep them comfortable and supported as they sleep. Unfortunately, the sheer weight of these animals can compress most forms of dog bedding in a relatively short time, reducing that comfort level.

In the world of dog bed padding, you usually get what you pay for. Avoid cheaper beds which most likely have easily-squashed padding. Ideally, you want a pillow guaranteed to maintain a certain percentage of its height for the life of your dog. You can also avoid height loss in your dog's bedding by choosing an overstuffed bed. Pillow beds and beanbag beds offer form-fitting comfort as well as strong support.

Don't forget to consider how your dog sleeps. Does he like to curl up, or does he prefer to spread out? If he prefers to feel tucked in, seek a bed with a lip that gives him something to snuggle up against. If he sprawls out flat, go for a bed without any kind of lip or rim.


Dogs tend to leave telltale odors on bedding due to accumulated skin oils that rub off onto the material. The larger the dog, the more skin oil (and therefore the more odor) you may have to address. While a small dog bed might fit into your washer and dryer, a bed fit for a big dog may prove too cumbersome. Make sure that whatever bedding you select has a removable cover for easy cleaning. 

Your dog deserves a pleasant sleeping experience, just as you deserve to enjoy convenience, durability, and ease of care from the bedding you provide for him. Ask your local pet product sellers for their recommendations and available bedding options.