Taking The Work Out Of Cat Litter Care

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Taking The Work Out Of Cat Litter Care

17 March 2020
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Most cat lovers will agree the worst element of having a feline in the family is the cat litter. Buying it, lugging it around, scooping it and cleaning it up off of the floors all of the time are the elements that can drive any cat lover crazy. Here, you'll find a few suggestions that will take some of the struggle out of dealing with the cat litter your feline friend's needs.

Cat Litter Delivery

Think about how nice it would be to not have to lug those heavy bags, buckets, or boxes of litter around. These days, you can get your cat litter delivered directly to your house. Not only is it convenient, but oftentimes, it is more affordable than going out and buying it at your local pet store.

Consider Alternate Options

If the cat litter that you've been using doesn't seem to be doing what it should — locking in the odors and staying in the litter box — it might be time to consider different types of litter.

Most cat owners use clay-based clumping cat litter. This type of cat litter is affordable, and the better brands work very well to trap odors, but it is easily tracked out of the litter box all over the floor. There are biodegradable options that tend to make less of a mess and work just as well, if not better than the clay-based options. These are made from wood fibers, fabric, corn, and wheat. These options typically cost a little more than the clay-based options, but they are green options that can help to limit the mess.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self-cleaning litter boxes have been available for several years, but the technology has improved greatly since they were first released. If you had tried the older models, you may have been disappointed with the performance, but the latest technology is making keeping the litter box clean a cinch. When your cat leaves the litter box, a sensor triggers the machine to kick on. The litter is then scooped and the waste is pushed into a holding bin or plastic bag, locking the odors inside. All you have to do is make sure that the litter is filled to the appropriate level and clean it out every now and then to remove urine odors from the sides and bottom.

These few changes can make the worst part of owning a cat not so bad. Look at your options and make some changes — use the litter box cleaning time that you'll save to cuddle with your little buddy.

For more information about cat litter, including cat litter delivery, contact a pet store near you.