Tips For Keeping Fur Kids Safe When Traveling

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Tips For Keeping Fur Kids Safe When Traveling

23 March 2020
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Sometimes traveling means taking along your best friend, your pet, or your fur child. No matter how you refer to your furry friends, you want to protect them just as you would any loved ones when traveling.

Preparation and proper precautions can ensure your four-legged family members are safe and happy during travel. Here are a few tips to help when traveling by car or plane.

Traveling by Car

Taking a road trip with your pet requires more than just putting them in the backseat and taking off. You need to take steps to ensure safety by restraining them. This means investing in a crate or a carrier. Many types of carriers are available and include everything from a crate type to a wicker basket travel pet carrier.

Traveling by car means observing certain other safety tips.

  • Use restraints or a harness that attaches to a seatbelt.
  • Never allow pets to stick their heads out of the window.
  • Never allow pets to ride in the front passenger seat.
  • Never leave furry friends alone in a parked car.
  • Do stop regularly on long drives so your pet can stretch their legs.
  • Bring extra water and a bowl so that your pet stays hydrated on long trips.

If your pet is not used to longer car rides, take him on some shorts drives first and lengthen the time in the car each trip to allow him to adjust. Before leaving, ask your vet about any medications your pet may need during travel, like motion sickness or anxiety medications.

Traveling by Plane

If your fur child is small, check airline rules as you may be able to put your pet in a carrier and bring him aboard with you. Also, be aware that each airline has its own regulations that include rules for quarantine and vaccinations.

Larger pets are often required to travel in the cargo area. Pets riding in the cargo area are subject to isolation and high or low temperatures depending on the weather. So, you want to take steps to make his ride as comfortable and safe as possible.

If this is the case, do follow some important safety tips.

  • Ask to watch as your pet is loaded and unloaded from the dock
  • Try to avoid travel when temperatures are below 45° and above 85°
  • Let at least one flight attendant and the captain know your pet is in the cargo area

While booking your flight ask the airline about any travel preparations.

With the proper planning you and your entire family, even the furry ones, can experience safe and comfortable travel