Buying Your First Horse? How To Choose The Tack You'll Need

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Buying Your First Horse? How To Choose The Tack You'll Need

18 June 2020
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If you're going to buy your first horse, the first thing you need to do is invest in the right tack. Not sure what tack is? It's the everyday supplies and equipment you'll use for your horse. You want to pick up the tack before you bring your horse home. That way, you're ready from the moment your horse sets hoof into the barn. Your horse will have very specific tack needs. In fact, there's tack for every situation you'll encounter with your horse. Here are some basic tack you'll need for your new horse. 

Feed Needs

When it comes to feeding your horse, you're going to need several pieces of tack. The first thing you need is the feed pan. The pan holds the mealtime food. You'll also need a feed storage container. This container needs a tight lid. The lid keeps rodents out of the food. It's also important that you get at least one deep water trough. Horses drink a lot of water. If there's a chance the water will freeze this next winter, invest in a warmer. That way, your horse won't need to deal with frozen water. 

Barn Essentials

Your horse will spend quite a bit of time in the barn. Because of that, you need to have the right tack. The stall needs to stay as clean as possible. A dirty stall can cause serious health problems for your horse. Standing in moist hay and manure all day can lead to hoof rot. To avoid that, keep the stall clean. The two main pieces of tack you'll need are a sturdy wheelbarrow and a pitchfork. You'll also need a manure fork and a stable broom. With those pieces of tack, you can keep the barn clean and sanitary for your horse. 

Grooming Gear

You'll do a lot of grooming once you have your horse. In fact, most of your horse care will include grooming. A good grooming kit should include several different types of brushes and combs. You'll need a brush for the body and a comb for the mane. You'll also need a good hoof pick. The pick is used to keep your horse's hooves healthy and clean. It's also important to include fly repellent in your grooming kit. Flies can leave nasty wounds on your horse. A good fly repellent stops the bites. 

Now that you're going to buy a horse, be prepared for ownership. Use the information provided here to stock up on the essential tack you'll need for your new horse.

For more information on horse tack, reach out to a local horse supply store.