Cushioned Mats: A Good Choice For Dogs With Arthritis

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Cushioned Mats: A Good Choice For Dogs With Arthritis

11 December 2020
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As dogs grow older, they become increasingly prone to arthritis and sore joints. It's important to work with your vet, who may prescribe various medications to help ease the pain and soreness. However, you will also want to make some lifestyle changes to help minimize your dog's symptoms. One of these changes can be adding cushioned mats throughout your home. Keep reading for more details about these mats and how to use them.

What are cushioned mats?

If you have ever purchased a memory foam mat to stand on as you wash dishes or stand for some other reason, then you have a basic idea of what a cushioned pet mat is. It's pretty much the same thing, but the material is usually one that does not cling to pet hair, which definitely makes the mat easier to keep clean when your dog is the one using it. These are not big, bulky dog beds; they're relatively flat — maybe 1/2 to 1 inch thick — so you can put them down without them taking up too much space.

Where should you put the cushioned mats?

You can put the cushioned mats anywhere your dog spends a lot of time. If your dog likes to sit on the kitchen floor in front of the fridge while you cook dinner, put a mat there. If your dog likes to sit at the base of the couch, that's another good place for the mat. These mats are not meant to be substitutes for dog beds; you can still leave your dog's beds in the areas where they actually sleep. Instead, the mats are meant to add cushioning to locations where your dog sits or lies down when they're not in bed.

What are the benefits of the cushioned mats?

The harder the floor, the harder it is on the dog's joints. If your dog's joints are already stiff and sore, then they will become even more stiff and sore when they sit or stand on a hard floor. With the mats, on the other hand, your dog's joints will be cushioned. They will be able to get up and down more easily. Your dog may need fewer pain relievers and other medications once the cushioned mats have been placed throughout your home.

Cushioned mats for pets are a great choice for dogs with arthritis. A few of these placed strategically where your dog spends most of their time will go a long way towards keeping their joints more comfortable.

For more information, contact a pet store that has medium flat cushioned mats for pets.