3 Reasons Your Bird Needs A Natural Climbing Mat

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3 Reasons Your Bird Needs A Natural Climbing Mat

16 March 2021
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If you have a bird in the parrot and cockatoo family, like a budgie or a cockatiel, then you know they need stimulation. When you don't find ways to entertain your bird, they can turn to unwanted behaviors. Fortunately, there are many bird-safe toys on the market like natural climbing mats that also have other benefits. Here are three reasons why you might want to get these mats for your bird.

1. Natural Climbing Mats Keep Your Bird Busy

Birds love to climb and explore. A climbing mat gives them plenty of different ways to do that. It provides a safe place for your bird to play. You can choose from different sizes and lattice types. You can also hang other bird-safe toys on the mat. For example, you can hang colorful beads and balls for your bird to pull and push around as they climb. You can even put things in the holes for your bird to pull out and destroy.

2. Natural Climbing Mats Help With Nails and Beaks

Some bird species have nails and beaks that grow continuously. Therefore, you must keep them trimmed, or your bird could have problems. Overgrown beaks could cause problems with eating. Long nails get caught on various objects and sometimes cause problems with walking and perching. Many birds do not like having their beaks and nails trimmed. So, reducing the frequency of trimming can cause less stress on the bird.

Natural climbing mats often have rough material that your bird can grab on and chew safely. This satisfies your bird's instinct to chew, and it helps their beaks and feet. You can also supply specially-made perches that help wear the nails down. You will still need to bring your bird in for trimming and examination, but this could possibly happen less often.

3. Natural Climbing Mats Are Durable

Natural climbing mats are specifically made for birds. While they're not indestructible, they can handle a lot of abuse by a mouthy bird before they become unusable. These mats are designed to handle birds who "play rough." Also, you can take them down and wash them to keep them looking good and to reduce bacteria that could make your bird sick.

Natural weave climbing mats are one of many things you can add to your bird's life to keep them healthy and entertained. It's also fun to watch your bird climb, hang, and play with these mats. If you are interested in purchasing a natural weave climbing mat, contact a supplier for more information.