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Is there any place more wondrous than the pet store? You get the opportunity to shop for your new furry friend, whether it's a mouse, a hamster, a rabbit, or guinea pig. You also get to shop for supplies that your pet needs — cages, collars, water bottles, brushes, and more. If you love pets, you could probably spend hours wandering through the pet store, just looking at the various animals and associated supplies. We bet you'll also love reading about pet stores, which you can do right here on this blog. Learn more about pets and pet stores, and feed your passion.


Cushioned Mats: A Good Choice For Dogs With Arthritis

11 December 2020
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As dogs grow older, they become increasingly prone to arthritis and sore joints. It's important to work with your vet, who may prescribe various medications to help ease the pain and soreness. However, you will also want to make some lifestyle changes to help minimize your dog's symptoms. One of these changes can be adding cushioned mats throughout your home. Keep reading for more details about these mats and how to use them. Read More …

Why Purchase a Leather Dog Collar?

6 October 2020
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Many dogs wear collars for reasons of safety and style. Dog collars allow dogs to be more easily controlled. They also signal ownership. When picking a new dog collar, you'll have many options. However, you can't go wrong with a leather dog collar. Here are four reasons to purchase a leather dog collar: 1. Keep your dog safe. There are many unexpected hazards in the world that can harm dogs. Cars can be deadly to dogs. Read More …

How To Find The Best Turtle Food For Your Pet

24 August 2020
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If you own a turtle or are interested in owning a turtle, it's important to feed your turtle the best food you can provide. This requires understanding your turtle's species, using pellets if need be, and even experimenting with different types of food over time. Choose Based On The Species One of the most important parts of feeding your pet turtle is having an idea as to what kind of food their species needs to thrive. Read More …

Buying Your First Horse? How To Choose The Tack You’ll Need

18 June 2020
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If you're going to buy your first horse, the first thing you need to do is invest in the right tack. Not sure what tack is? It's the everyday supplies and equipment you'll use for your horse. You want to pick up the tack before you bring your horse home. That way, you're ready from the moment your horse sets hoof into the barn. Your horse will have very specific tack needs. Read More …

Benefits of Treating Your Dog’s Tear Stains with Chews

11 June 2020
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When you have a dog with light-colored fur, one of the issues that you may have to deal with is unsightly tear stains under the pet's eyes. If you feel as though these marks are negatively affecting the appearance of your animal, you'll want to address them. There are many different ways that you can remove these stains. For example, some people scrub the dog's fur with water and various cleaning solutions. Read More …